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SYDNEY, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- According to City Removalist stats, during the last 2 years there has been a huge shift of people moving to major city areas in Sydney, due to affordability and the cost of living for the elderly. Whilst moving can be a difficult process at the best of times, when it comes to moving an elderly loved one into a new home, or moving both elderly parents into a senior community, the process is teemed with many potential challenges.

Many scenarios require the need to move a senior parent from their own home, and having served the Australian community for over 25 years, City Removalist is ensuring the transition goes smoothly, taking in to consideration their customers health, budget, and the complexity of the move and the experience of the removalist.

Through this experience, City Removalist are able to offer the below advice on how the elderly can make their moving experience a pleasant one.

  1. Cost EffectivenessThere are a few different things to consider depending on budget when moving a senior loved one into their new home. Typically, a licensed removalist is the most ideal way to go as they are professionally trained, insured, and experienced. Families can save some money on the move by using a self-service removalist, which means their family or friends will load the moving truck, but the items will be hauled by a professional mover, or they can rent a moving truck or trailer. According to City Removalist stats, during the last 2 years, there has been a huge shift of people moving to major city areas in Sydney, we have seen a shift to areas like Parramatta, and Penrith due to affordability and the cost of living for the elderly.
  2. Plan VisuallyBefore families begin the sorting and organizing process, it will help to have a visual of what they want to move. What rooms need to be fitted out, what items need to be kept and discarded? City Removalist recommend drawing a simple floor plan on paper for the elderly moving to their new home that represents what items want to move and where. A visual representation makes it far less confusing making it easier to remember and understand than simply talking about it.
  3. Ask for HelpMost residential moves are large undertakings, so ask family members for help. City Removalist suggests encouraging close family members to participate with a local and interstate move. Surrounding senior parents with loved ones who are supportive and encouraging could help ease the emotional stress of moving as well. City Removalist are also a big believer that trust plays a major role when it comes to the elderly, and when it comes to moving, who will they trust more than their own family?
  4. OrganiseMoving elderly parents may involve a lot of sifting through. Go through the house item by item with your support team. City Removalist have come to know when packing items for the elderly, there is a strong sense of emotional attachment to their personal belongings. City Removalist insist that the senior parent be allowed to reminisce and reflect as you help sort out their possessions because they hold such strong sentimental value. Remember, these are not just items being moved, they are memories, and handling them with care is essential.
  5. Clean and FixWe spend so much time organizing and packing, we often forget one thing. Whether you are looking to sell or rent the place, City Removalist strongly insist that the house should be cleaned, and they should consider making any required repairs or renovations before it can become a more taxing issue. City Removalist encourage taking care of maintenance issues all at once rather than dealing with them later while the house is for sale or up for rent.
  6. ChoiceSeniors can be emotionally attached to their home after all they have spent most of their working lives there. It's expected that there will be sadness and hesitation when it is time to move, especially when they are relocating from Sydney to another state. With all their years of experience, City Removalist Services have realized that to help make the transition easier, is to give them as much choice as possible as they plan and implement the move, because the elderly will often distress over their supposed loss of control. Speaking sincerely to them about their move and offering as many options as possible gives them back a perceived sense of control.

About City RemovalistIt's hard to believe they started out over 25 years ago when one man purchased his first removalist truck. Fast forward to today and their fleet of over 45 trucks move entire households and offices across eastern Australia within 48 hours. They know the city of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs better than most as they have served not only Sydney, but Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, and Melbourne for over 20 years with quality service, professionalism, fairness, and integrity.

For more information, visit us at, or call on 1300 441 331 and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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