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Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany this time saw a fresh trend within the scope of construction equipment as leading manufacturers showcased some of the most sophisticated heavy machines. Each leading manufacturer showcased an array of new machines and prototypes that awed the attendees of the international fair with their concepts, designs and innovations that was off the charts to say the least. Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kubota, Hyundai and Bobcat were among the leading manufacturers that presented some of the latest machines that were unique and exciting mainly attributed to the ground-breaking innovations that people witnessed especially with regards to Bobcat’s items.

Doosan Bobcat’s CEO Scott Park quoted: “Bauma is indeed ‘the’ trade fair for construction machinery and it gives Bobcat the opportunity to present everything that we have in our arsenal to our potential clients – and we have done just that”. Which could not be further from the truth as Bobcat’s equipment truly did raise the bar for construction machinery. Bobcat has always been a trendsetter within the spectrum of the construction machinery industry since the 70s along with other leading manufacturers such as Kubota, Komatsu and Caterpillar among others and these companies have remained true to their legendary statuses. This time around Bobcat has managed to head the pack as the manufacturer introduced some of the most advanced innovations relevant to the construction industry along with future possibilities with the latest prototype machines.

Innovations, Designs and Concepts

Bobcat is acknowledge as a pioneer for compact equipment industry mainly due to Bobcat’s accomplishment six decades ago when they invented the first skid steer loader ever and the manufacturer continues to bring elements of the future to the industry to this very day. Bauma is the platform used by Bobcat to showcase any and all of the manufacturer’s latest innovations that rides on a merger of autonomy, electrification and as well as connectivity. These elements are what clients are looking for and these are also the elements that help excavator and skid steer operators to perform better, be more accurate and optimise productivity indicated Scott Park.

The machines that we introduce each time are designed to accelerate productivity, increase accuracy of tasks and reduce operator fatigue whilst simultaneously reducing carbon footprint sector-wide and offering clients more options than ever before added Scott Park. Whatever Bobcat brings to the table in terms of innovation, design or concept especially with regards to skid steers and mini excavators that are popular within the construction equipment for hire niche are always meaningful, objective and practical which is exactly what operators expect.

Among the products that Bobcat showcased at Bauma 2022, included the world’s first ever electric powered compact track loader – the T7X, the S76 skid steer that sported not just Quad tracks, but also a state of the art radar system that enables the machine to avoids objects instinctively. If that was not sufficient, Bobcat also introduced the E35 mini excavator that was fitted with an intelligent control system that was capable of bridging the gap between experienced operators and trainee operators significantly.

Other new products by Bobcat at Bauma 2022 also included the E19 two tonne all electric excavator that was capable of operating for 5 straight hours on a single quick charge, the S86 and T86 compact loaders and as well as the TL25 super compact tele-handler.  The E19e was especially a showstopper based on the fact that despite the machine being battery powered, it was capable of the same feats as E19 diesel powered mini excavator. Bobcat continues to look forward at each of these construction expos as the platform to deliver exciting developments of both machinery and attachments.

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