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Keys for organization change

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Organizations have to change continuously. Rapid external changes also cause internal changes. These changes are there to continue to meet customer needs, to keep up with the competition, and to respond to innovations. Organizational change can be very complex. We give you some important tips.

Changing from the outside in

Change mainly takes place externally. This may involve changes in questions, opportunities through merging with other networks, organizations and new possibilities in technology. These are all elements to respond to, but they do require flexibility and adaptability. It is important for management to look outside to find out how the organization can best be optimized. This can be achieved through knowledge of customers and stakeholders. For example, by asking them what they want and letting them participate in how they want to go about it.

Big dreams and ambitions

Dreams and ambitions must be big. This makes change fun. It encourages movement. The ambition must be broken down into small pieces. Successes are celebrated in the meantime: result-oriented and project-based. With clear agreements and shared responsibility, you know whether you are on the right track.

Try it yourself and do it yourself

Change only works if there is enough skill and willingness. Change is something an organization can learn by doing and by experiencing. It does require a lot of involvement. Involve your entire organization in the topic and in the implementation of the change. This leads to more support and action within the organization. Only if all employees are involved can changes be implemented in a well-thought-out and sustainable way.


The team is of great importance. The importance of diversity within teams is increasingly underestimated. Mutual respect is important to use the power of diversity effectively. In addition, there are more preconditions for good cooperation: flexibility, initiative, open communication, clear goals and joint responsibility are also important.

Maintain balance

Understanding is needed to make organizations work better. You can only make a difference if you look at coherence. A focus is needed on the balance between human and organizational aspects: that is different for every organization. This depends on the environment, ambition and what keeps people busy in an organization. Making organizations work better is therefore primarily a matter of people.

Mapping organizational change

It is important to map out organizational change. Where are you, but more importantly: where do you want to go, and how are you going to do this? Thanks to it becomes easier and clearer!