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Ankle brachial indexing: why it is still the best blood pressure test in 2023

The ankle brachial index (ABI) is an easy-use gadget designed to streamline ankle and wrist systolic blood pressure comparison. But why is this testing method so important? To test for the risk of peripheral arterial disease from the hip to... Read more

Depression linked to low sports activity

From a friendly game of soccer to sweating it solo in the gym, most of us know that exercise is good for our health. But beyond the obvious physical benefits, research led by UniSA expert in sports sociology Dr Katja... Read more

How To Prepare Your Child For the First Visit To Thornbury Dentist

Do you know that your child must visit the dentist for the first time before his/her first birthday? Even if your child does not have single or many teeth, it is still important to get his/her mouth evaluated by a... Read more

What are Invisalign: The Invisible Dental Implants?

With technology developing every day, the time of metal braces is over. It was quite a trend to wear those horrendous metal brackets in your mouth and show your metal mouth to people at school in the earlier years.  Any dental... Read more

Doctor reveals the latest skincare trends

  Women are worrying about ageing at a younger age than before.   Dr Irene Prantalos, Founder of Salubre Skin Clinics, shares the skincare trends that are popping up in 2020 thanks to our social media obsessed culture.   Women are worrying about ageing at a... Read more

Positive and easy ways to boost your immunity in isolation

Dietitian Hayley Blieden, Founder of The Australian Superfood Co shares her immune boosting advice for adults and children.Hayley says: "We are living in unprecedented times as a flu-like virus sweeps through the world confining us to our homes and changing... Read more

How to put an end to pests once and for all

We don’t know who you are or where you come from, but we do know one thing: you certainly hate pests. We all do. Pests will find a way into your home no matter what you do, and it is... Read more

Stress at work

Significant proportion of Aussies indicate their employers are blind to sickness, work overload, stress, and training requirements Concerning new data from a leading workplace safety auditing and training organisation has revealed that Australian workplaces are not prioritising employee health. 1... Read more