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Facts about Porcelain Crowns Everyone Should Know

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A smile is an important asset of a human body that boosts your self-confidence and makes you a confident person. However, several factors damage your teeth that can lower your confidence level. It may be because of your irregular lifestyle or eating habits. In some cases, minor accidents can also cause teeth to become damaged. Porcelain crowns Melbourne can help in the replacement of broken, chipped, or decaying teeth.

What Is A Porcelain Crown?

A porcelain crown is an advanced form of dental crown constructed from medical-grade ceramics. It is designed to shield the damaged teeth. It is a prosthetic cap that is placed over a damaged tooth to improve your facial look and functionality.

Porcelain crown has a translucent color that makes it the most preferred dental crown. The biggest benefit of a porcelain crown is that it can easily match with your natural teeth. It is the perfect choice for front tooth restoration. If you have broken, fractured and decayed teeth or a tooth with the root canal and large fillings can choose a porcelain crown.

The Process of Porcelain Crown

Before you make up your mind to receive any prosthetic dentistry, please visit once an experience dental center for your oral health check-up. After examination, the dentist will suggest the best method which suits you. After conducting an X-ray, the dentist tells whether you are the right candidate for the dental crown or not.

This is the most crucial step in the porcelain crown process because a single mistake can create complications during the procedure, which can be harmful to you. Hence, you should consult a dentist who has years of experience in this dental procedure so that you can get proper advice for further treatment.

If you choose the porcelain crown, you will have to undergo the dental surgery where the dentist performs oral sanitation to reduce infection. After that, the dentist will take a print of your mouth and sent it to the lab to create a crown for you. It may take several weeks to deliver to you. Till then a temporary crown is placed over your surface to protect your teeth.

Once your crown is ready, you are called for a second visit so that your dentist installs the crown into your tooth. The process roughly takes 2 to 4 hours. During the process, you are allowed to wind out your pending work and come back.

Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Crowns

The benefits of porcelain crowns are numerous. First, they don’t look artificial at any angle they look as real as your natural teeth due to their translucent quality. If you brush or floss them regularly they can last more than 15 years. They easily blend with your existing teeth, giving you a more natural smile.

Porcelain crowns are so natural that even nobody can notice the change on your face. For this reason, people are rushing out to get dental crowns. The common dental issues like fractured and discolored teeth can be solved effectively.

The main advantage of porcelain crowns is that they can protect your original teeth against further damage and enhance their durability. Earlier, dental crowns were mainly recommended for restorative purposes only. But today the situation has changed completely. The advancement in dentistry has paved the way for those who have cosmetic problems. You can also choose porcelain crowns for your cosmetic purposes. They can cover your stained, discolored, chipped, and cracked teeth

How to Maintain Them?

Unfortunately, some people think that it is a very tiresome process to maintain porcelain crowns but it is not so. You find it easy if you are really concerned about them.

Use Custom-fitted Mouth Guard

First and foremost, make use of a custom-fitted mouth guard to maintain crowns. It plays an important role in protecting your natural teeth and crowns from grinding.

Do Proper Use of Your Teeth

If it is possible, avoid using your teeth to open bottles or plastic products. This can harm your porcelain crowns

Don’t Eat Hard Food Items

You should stay away from eating hard food items because small particles can be stuck between teeth and crowns which can create extra dental problems. Hence, always prefer soft food items.


Put simply, porcelain crowns are designed to change the shape, size, and color of your teeth to restore your smile. Most importantly, don’t forget to consult a dentist before you make any decision as your aspiration to get an alluring smile can cost you too much. In addition, take care of your crowns as you care for your natural teeth.