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Adelaide is a city that’s also the capital of South Australia. Since Adelaide was founded near the Mount Lofty Ranges, the mineral deposit inside the hills of the area contributed to the overall landscape growth of the area. The huge landscape growth led Adelaide to be a farmland resource that grew and sold wool, wine, fruit, and wheat products. Eventually, the capital was able to open industry warehouses that could export the goods faster.

When and How Was Adelaide Named?

William Light was Adelaide’s first British Surveyor General after the city was founded. He chose the area for Adelaide’s settlement in 1836 which is near the Torrens River. Hence, Adelaide became located nearby the river that divided the region into a business district in the south region and a residential area in the north region.

The city was named in honor of British King William IV’s consort, Queen Adelaide. In 1840, Adelaide became established as Australia’s first municipal government. Because its city council ran into debts and could no longer run the city, a provincial government was in charge of Adelaide from 1843 to 1849. By 1852, Adelaide returned to being a municipality before starting to be run by mayors in 1919.

Fun Facts about Adelaide

Before Adelaide was founded, the natives called the area Tandaya, which is a name meaning Place of the Red Kangaroo. Eventually, British people wanted to settle in the area and gave the territory the new name, Adelaide.

The South Australian Museum in Adelaide has the largest showing of artifacts from Aborigines. If you are lucky enough to visit Adelaide, definitely check out this museum!

Adelaide is also known as the Opal City in Australia because of its famous opals for sale at local jewelers.

What Adelaide is Known for Today

Adelaide is mainly known for its delicious food and wine culture. There are many wineries in the area because of the successful wine regions nearby. You can find the best eats in Australia by visiting the local Adelaide restaurants and bars. Food festivals always take place throughout the year in Adelaide to showcase the state’s culinary culture as inhabitants and tourists enjoy the delicious food fare.

If you want to attend a festival in Adelaide, the best time to do this is during the fall because that’s when most festivals occur from March through May.

Tasting Australia takes place in Adelaide’s town square usually annually in May. The WOMADelaide festival has been an annual celebration since 1992 featuring a quality lineup of popular singers, dancers, and artists for patrons’ enjoyment.

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