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Adult learners have had challenges in managing their university time. Perhaps this could be due to conflicting interests in life; most students find it very difficult to juggle family life with academic studies and work. Most often, the students find themselves in a dilemma of prioritizing what to do at given times. It becomes even more challenging if the student has none academic problems that fundamentally impact their lives. If you are experiencing challenges in doing your tasks due to lack of time, don’t hesitate to seek help from educational consultants, such as Peachy Essay.

Let's find out some of the best ten time management strategies:

Prepare a "to-do" list

A "to-do" list will put you on the right track on what to prioritize at a given time of your study period. It would help if you understood that all the activities you do in life are essential, but you must consider what is urgent and prioritize. You should handle the most pressing issues and handle all other tasks that you have. Granted, you should have a to-do list. However, this will only help if you have the discipline to follow through with your to-do list; otherwise, it will not make any sense. Consider placing your to-do list in a very accessible place to serve you as a reminder all the time on what to do. You should know that if you don't have a reminder, you may sometimes get absorbed with other things and forget what you should be doing at a given time.

Always Prioritise your work

You have to make a decision as a student and have a perfect order for your activities. You should have a clear plan and ensure that all the conflicting things are given priority based on urgency. Focus on doing the most important things first; remember, this has nothing to do with your comfort or interest. You are a student, which has nothing to do with doing what makes you happy; you cannot be too comfortable when still a student. 

You can use things like weekly planners to help you work on your short term goals. Ensure that you plan for everything, including studying for your exams, organizing none academic activities, and avoiding mix-ups of things. You can also have a long time planner, let's say a yearly planner; this will help you prepare for the whole semester and all the activities that will take place across the year.

Find a suitable study space and time

Your success as a student will be determined by how much you dedicate to your studies. Remember to avoid family and friends when you want to have ample study time; you should locate a quiet place and make it your routine study area. Any form of destruction is bad for your studies. Also, avoid using your phone during your studies; you will not concentrate on your studies. Also, consider relocation when other people occupy your usual study area.

Plan and use your time

You cannot commit all your time to studies; remember, you are a human being. Human beings are social beings, and you need to spend some time with your family and friends; besides, you should sometimes relax and cool your mind. Therefore, when you create your weekly planner, ensure that you make time for yourself, but you should consider doing this when all your essential activities are well taken care of in your plan. 

Work out your optimum study strategy 

You should know what works for you during your study time, be it some cool music or instrumentals or just a calm environment. It would help if you understood what makes you concentrate fully, whether you are studying at home or in your hostel, which will make you effective in your studies. 

Have a realistic study time well

Remember that you are not the president; you are a student. Don't try too hard to be perfect; work within your limit as a student and don't strain or study for very long hours. You should know when to stop and take a break; studies are sometimes too involving that you may lose yourself if you are not careful. Please do the right thing at the right time and ensure that you spend your time appropriately but making the most of it. 

Pay attention to your long-term goals.

The ultimate goal of a university student is to graduate and become a professional. In whatever you do during your study period, strive not to lose your focus on the bigger picture. When you make you're a list of your short-term goals, ensure that they all lead to your ultimate goal. Make "SMART" goals;“specific”, “measurable”, “achievable”, “realistic”, and “time-bound."

Ask for help when you need it.

In your academic journey, you need support, don't shy from seeking help when you need it. If your family members or friends understand your study plan, the best they can do is to help you out when necessary. 

There is no crime in saying, "No."

Sometimes you have to stick to your plan and say no to friends when doing your studies. University is full of life, and your friends may invite you to a party when you have an essential exam coming up. Don't be afraid to turn them down politely. There is always another time for having fun; you can explain your reasons to ensure you don't send the wrong impression to your friends and then continue with your studies.

Always review your notes. 

You need to keep check of your class notes regularly to move to the next topics with much clarity. When you review your notes regularly, you will know the kind of questions to ask your professor for more clarification. You will always be ready for exams when you always review your notes, and it will save you time when doing your revision.


Good Time management is the recipe for university success. Once you master the attribute of time management, you will have a smooth sailing during your study period. Time management will help you balance your lifestyle with your studies.